Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

Image Properties

Properties of the image is determined by:

  • Destination image
  • The development of standard image

1. Internationalization of Images
Regulation of the image starting from the joint approval of the people concerned then became the standard form. Increased division of labor and resulted in the introduction to the internationalization of technology beyond the standard picture. Designation in the international picture, the provisions, terms, and uniform symbol.

2. Popularity Images
The development of high technology improve the readability and the amount of use of images increases, the result image should be clear, easy, regulations and standards should be simple.

3. Image formulas
A close relationship between industrial fields such as structures, machinery, shipbuilding, housing and architecture, and civil engineering respectively with technological advances it is possible the completion of a project more than one field. Providing descriptions that are understandable picture hanging these fields. Each of these areas to try to unite and identify the standards the picture.

4. Systematics Image
The contents of the picture presents the differences in shapes, sizes and surfaces. Along with the systematics of technology increases the graphic symbol of the form of block diagrams and flow charts in various fields. The development now that the image content and the determination to strengthen the composition of a standard system image.

5. Simplifying Image
Provision of images, among others, aims to save labor, time and quality of the work plan.

6. Moderation Image
Modern ways are being developed include the manufacture of micro-film, automatic drawing machine with the help of computers and computer-assisted planning (CAD-Computer Aided Design)

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