Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

Understanding Statistics

Statics building techniques is the study of strength and stability of the building construction. Science is often called mechanics statics techniques. Science of mechanics is divided into two, namely 'Science of Mechanics Theory' and 'Science of Mechanics in use' as Building Statics calculations.

Calculation of Building Statics is the study of forces and atabilitas construction and part of the building. Strength and stability calculations include perhitunagn dimensions, control, strength, and stability. The definition of each of these calculations are as follows:

1. Calculation of dimensions, is a calculation to determine the size of a construction primarily on cross-sectional size of the required materials efficiently able to support the forces or loads / load working on the construction by considering the safety factor.

2. Calculation of the pulley, the calculations carried out to examine the strength of a building construction. Construction is quite heavy and does not change shape due to the loads that arise.

3. Calculation of power, is the calculation performed to examine the construction of the shape changes, transitions, and demands on the construction loads that exceed the limit or not.

4. Calculation of stability, is a calculation done in order to construct in the solid state. Robust in the sense of not changing due to the deflection and the foundation of unequal decline in part or whole.

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