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Function Image As Language Engineering

Image For Language Engineering

Image is a tool to express the intent of a person's designer. Therefore the image is often called the language of engineering.
References in the picture that can not be expressed in language, expressed as the symbols. Quantity and quality of the image depends on designer's drawings (design drafter). For readers of the image required data / information that can be read accurately from the image.

Function Image

Functions images can be classified into 3 groups, namely:

1. Submission Information

Images continue to function exactly the intent of the designer, among others, to the people involved process design, manufacture, and assembly. Image interpretation is required for objectively determining the required standards as the language of engineering with provisions enough.

2. Preservation Storage & Usage Information

Image is a reliable engineering data with technologies from companies that are collected and then compacted. Image as a document is preserved, can also be saved and used as new design information at a later date. For the purposes of the necessary means including the storage and encoding. Extensive image storage space can be addressed by the document form micro-film.

3. Ways of thinking in the Preparation of Information

In planning, abstract concept that comes to mind is manifested in the form of an image through a process of abstract concepts, looking for information, ideas and suggestions embodiment of the image. This process is repeated to realize a more perfect picture. In addition images can be expressed in the form of paintings, also works to increase the thinking power for the designer. Therefore somebody has a bachelor of engineering drawing skills are required in order to convey wishes and provide an explanation.

Development of State Standards and Engineering

At the beginning of the industry, designers and implementers done by one person. Image only serves as a means of thinking and concepts, therefore the rules of the picture is less necessary. If designers and implementers conducted by more than one person has to do the image function increases as the delivery of information. The pictures used are images from the system group or individual system image. Standard image set as a corporate standard of general application in the enterprise. Arrangement of parts, instructions should more carefully because it is used as a handle workers.

Functions and properties of an image as Language Engineering for the user image is shown in the following chart:

Planners (experts figure) → Designer of the process (print maker, tool designer, designer materials) → makers (workers, casual workers, subcontractors) → Investigators (the product of his own company, the product from outside) → Executing.

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