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Concept Planning Residential (Part. 1)

A. History of Home Lighting

It used to be buildings such as caves, huts on the ground, in trees, or on the water, a tent in a meadow, etc., which are built by humans in an attempt (still modest) to serve as protection for the sake of body and salvation of his soul.

B. Function House

1. Formerly:

  • For the sake of gain. Humans build houses to protect themselves from disturbances both wild animals and other humans, natural hazards such as sun, cold nights, rain, lightning, wind, flood, etc..
  • For the sake of his soul. Humans believe in the power of nature, he feels the need to take refuge from the anger of outstanding natural therefore erected statues, shrines etc..

2. Now:
  • For the sake of his body. Aside from being a place of refuge, as well as a place to rest, raise a family, workplace, and as a symbol of social status.
  • For the sake of his soul. Houses are built based on the philosophy and the modern conception of radical, in contrast to the idea of ​​the past. For the salvation of his soul and built a place of prayer in his house.

C. Residential Building Regulations

1. Planning, implementation, and supervision of housing development to be carried out by experts in their fields.

2. Implementation of housing development should have a letter of ownership of land and building permit from the competent authorities.

3. Demarcation line (rooilyn) which is determined by the competent authority. Rooilyn is the distance between the edges of the walls of buildings on the center line of the road is allowed. Rooilyn = 0.5 n + 1; where n = width of the road.

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