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Concept Planning Residential (Part. 2)

A. Assessment Standard Room

1. Space Studies.

2. Skylight is directly related to the minimum outside air 1 / 10 x floor area can be opened.

3. Air holes or air channels clean area of ​​at least 0.35% of floor space is concerned.

4. Morning sunlight can enter the room for approximately hours per day. When the sun does not go straight into the room then the window / air hole is opened approximately 8 hours a day.

B. Assessment Site Analysis

1. Analysis of site / field.

2. Relations activities with residents.

3. Water / dirty water environment.

  • If any provision of drinking water in cities, each house is entitled to drinking water pipe connections.
  • Wells 'pantek'.
    • Around the floor of the water meeting the minimum width of 1.2 m.

    • The well casing pipe must be made from materials meeting the minimum water depth of 2 m from the surface of the floor.

    • The minimum distance from septic tanks and infiltration is 10 m depending on soil properties.
  • The well dug.
    • Around the floor of the well water meeting the minimum width of 1.2 m from the well wall.

    • The wall construction of wells to be made from a safe, strong and tightly into the top 80 cm of water and down 2 m from the face of the floor.

    • Hole wells must be equipped with a lid that can be opened from strong materials and durable.

    • The minimum distance from septic tank approximately 10 m and 15 m depending on the catchment areas of soil properties.

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