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Understanding of Science Architecture

Science ArchitectureArchitecture is a discipline that is directly related to everyday human life and how he relates to his environment. In this case, the science of architecture has been seen even since ancient times, before it is expressed as a architect Vitruvius in Rome in his time. Because in traditional societies before then, knowledge building has been transferred from generation to generation from generation to generation as an ongoing process, it is probably more often cited as the vernacular architecture.

But the architects of their own formal education, which produces professionals in newly emerging field of architectural consultant on the eve of the century industrial revolution began to be known. In the course of history, the education profession is often combined with a fine arts education.

In addition, the science of architecture is also a blend of art and science of building techniques that meet the practical and expressive of the desire of human civilization throughout the ages. We can see from the literature history of how almost all people who have sedentary life has its own engineering building that ultimately result in their architecture. From here, the architecture and is considered essential to the richness of a culture because it is not just about doing the defense of the natural environment, but also to the human environment, the architecture then becomes a prerequisite of the development of civilization and a symbol of culture. This time will not be disputed whether the science of architecture is an art or science of engineering science, and try to compromise on both sides. Vitruvius ideas about venustas (beauty), infirmity and utility (function) was delivered as a confirmation of the debate.

Therefore, the architect is not merely a building expert, he is also a professional who really understand the development widely. This is why ultimately there are many demands that are faced to a prospective architects and need to be fulfilled in a professional manner so that he can become an architect.

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